Session 1

The New Normal for beauty & wellness industry post-pandemic

  • Has beauty taken a backseat in COVID times?
  • COVID & altered consumer habits
  • Minimalism, a big mood for 2021?
  • Is Beauty shifting gears from necessity to affordable luxury
  • #Vocal4Local & DIY ruling the industry
  • Beauty tourism and the path to recovery from the virus outbreak

Session 2

Adapting and adopting to the New Normal – modifying the way we work

  • Salon visit gets a makeover in the post-Covid era
  • Decoding the equation of capacity vs operational cost
  • ‘Zero Touch’ and contact-less services
  • Growing pie of ‘At home’ and eCommerce services

Session 3

Wellness at centre stage 

       Going back to the basics with Wellness becoming the fundamental building block

       Digital Fitness and Virtual workout during the pandemic

       More & more personal trainers in demand

       The rise of Apps to up the fitness quotient